The company was founded in 1960, by Fernando and Marino Baldissara. Historical company in the Varese area, operating for over 60 years in the mechanical sector, today it is the result of a long family business tradition.
Starting from the 80’s, with the introduction of the first numerical controls, the company began a path of development that led it to introduce technology and innovation in a perspective of continuous improvement, with the primary objective of ensuring higher and higher quality levels and to meet the increasingly challenging demands of its main customers.
Since 2000 Meccanica Baldissara is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by ICIM, specialized in the mechanical sector.

Corporate Culture

Companies are the people who are part of them, we have always been convinced that in addition to the technological efficiency of machinery, software and tools at our disposal, it is essential to have valid and faithful employees, able to adapt to new evolving technologies. For this reason Meccanica Baldissara has always paid great attention to its staff and has been repaid over the years by the relationship of mutual trust.


Some Processes