Equipment and Tools

Ventrical Center mazak VTC-800/30SR


3000 (axis X), 800 (axis Y) e 720 (axis Z) mm , 5 axis

N. 2 Turning Centers Biglia Smart Turn 1200 5 axis

  • Axis x mm 400/700
  • Axis z mm 1260
  • Axis y mm 210(+120/-90)

Axis B:

    • Rotation deg 210°(±105°)
    • Angular position deg 0.001°

Axis C

Vertical Center Haas VF-20

  • 762 (axis X), 406 (axis Y) e 508 (axis Z) mm

Turning Center Biglia mod. B565/YS

  • Axis Y and counter spindle with C axis

Ventrical Center Okuma mb-46vae

  • 762 (axis X), 460 (axis Y) e 460 (axis Z) mm with 4 axis rotating table

Vertical Center Mori Seiki MV Junior

  • x:560 y:410 z:460

Vertical Center Mori Seiki MV 50/E

  • x:1020 y:510 z:460

Vertical Center Bridgeport VMC 1000

  • x:1020 y:510 z:500

Vertical Center Bridgeport XR 1000

  • x:1000 y:600 z:600

 Milling Machine Nomo 200 c.c

  • x:1000 y:300 z:400

Turning Center AVM Snoopy 

  • x:320 z:800

Turning Center AVM DG13 

  • x:1000 y:300 z:400

Vertical Center Mori Seiki MV40

  • x:800 y:410 z:510

Measuring Machine Quick Scope (Mitutoyo)

  • Edge detection with a single mouse click
  • Benchmarking functions
  • Capture images on screen
  • Table navigation function for CNC machines that enhances the creation of measuring cycles

Measuring Column (Mitutoyo)
Linear Height 600


Very high accuracy 2D measuring system.
The new Linear Height LH-600E/EG offers the following features :

  • Very high accuracy.
  • Pneumatically driven slide and movement.
  • Easy and intuitive operation with function keys and graphic icons.


  • Clear color LCD display.
  • Automatic repetition of previously stored programs.
  • Possible GO/±NG evaluation at each measure.
  • Operation also with rechargeable batteries.
  • Lightweight construction and air cushion handling.
  • URS-232 C data output.
  • USB data output (for data storage only).
  • DIGIMATIC data input for digital dial gauges to perform perpendicularity calculations.
  • Statistical processing.


Coord3 Ares


X:700 Y:600 Z:500
ISO 1036-2 MPEE da 3,0 + 3,5 L/1000 (µm)

Traditional Machines

Tornio Gornati:

x:500 z:1000

Tornio Pasquino:
x:400 z:1300
Tornio Ursus:
x:400 z:1400
3 Riva U6:
x:750 y:250 z:400
Fresatrice Tiger:
x:1000 y:300 z:360
Drill - Tapping machine IMM-135 M30:
orature D.50 Maschiature

Others Machines and tools 

FMB Automatic sawing machine Cutting capacity 240 mm

Saldatrice Esab Aristo Autom.Programm. 0.8-1.5

FMB Semi Automatic Sawing machine Cutting capacity 200 mm

Miller Wire Welding Machine Wire Diameter 0.8-1.5

Tangential Grinding Machine